About KiKo

Your Gateway to the Digital World

With an international track record, the KiKo team brings a wealth of experience to the table, executing websites in line with renowned website standards, such as ThemeForest. We strive every day to elevate our knowledge alongside the global market and fulfill the needs of our clients.



Your Feedback: The Navigator of Our Journey

Collaborating with individuals and diverse brands is a point of pride for KiKo, and we continuously strive to deliver the best, in response to the feedback, criticism, and suggestions from our clients and employers. Some of the customers who have placed their trust in us include:

Sepideh Kashani
Founder of SeenKa Beauty
An exceptional design and support team, perfect for those with high standards. Their responsiveness and round-the-clock commitment set your expectations so high that you won't want to work with any other team.
Milad Babanejad
Book Author & Translator
An exceptional designer, support, and companion for setting up and maintaining a website. Always available, friendly, and swift in getting things done – in fact, everything you need for having a website.
Javad Sajjadi
Founder of Alice Pet Hotel
A professional team, not only in project execution but also in ethics. They patiently and thoroughly explained everything wherever needed, and there was no ambiguity in their work.

Who we are?

KiKo Team

Together, we're always striving to grow through the blend of creativity, talent, and effort, and share the results of this growth with our clients and customers. We aim to contribute our small part to the success of individuals and their businesses.



Sanaz Bash
The key to progress lies in two things: responsibility and perseverance. At KiKo, we touched these traits and tried to grow creatively together.

SEO & Marketing Team Lead

Farbod Haji
A website without visits, is almost nothing! The rank of a website is one of the most important things to optimize and increase visitors. The promotion of your site inspires me.

UI/UX Team Lead

Sara Bash
My goal has always been to create the best possible experience for users, and I believe all people, regardless of their mobility, vision, hearing, or mental disabilities, should be able to access the web.

Content Team Lead

Elykak Ashkiani
My passion for writing is similar to my need to breathe. As a person is alive with breath, I am alive with writing.